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The new site is The new book is The Ageproof Method. The new you will become biologically younger!

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The Ageproof Method is Based on Four Pillars.

Each Pillar has Three Building Blocks:

Pillar #1: MINDSET

Pillar #2: RESET

Pillar #3: FUEL

Pillar #4: MOVE

Conscious Intention


Lifestyle Nutrition


Habit Making

Hormone Balancing

Superfood Boosting

Cardio Conditioning

Mindfulness Training

Microbiome Optimization

Nutraceutical Support

Functional Strength

Joe Garma, Editor and Chief Biohacker

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" will be the place where men and women of any age, fit or unfit, will gather to learn how to turn back the clock and get biologically younger. If you're youngish and in great shape, we'll show you how to stay that way. If you're oldish, we'll show you how to regain vitality, energy, mental acuity and strength."

Rich Carson Founder,

I've known Joe for more than 30 years and have watched him continually research and experiment with nutrition, supplements, exercise and meditation.  The results for him and the people he helps are obvious and remarkable. As the Founder of Prohealth, Inc., I can always rely on Joe to point me at the best nutraceuticals to help people reverse chronic health conditions and dramatically improve their healthspan.  I can't wait to get his new book, and neither should you!

Many years ago, I was inspired by Joe to begin practicing yoga, to become a certified instructor, and then to open my own studio. He truly epitomizes the "practice what you preach" mantra. It's unbelievable to me how much he knows about slowing down the aging process, and how he continues to look and physically function like someone decades younger!

Mariana Founder, Viva Yoga

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